20-Hour Check


B & L Marine
110 Old Bastrop Rd
Monroe, LA

Service Description

$95.00 + parts

Crank and check motor - Drain oil and inspect for signs of early wear - Remove and replace oil filter - Drain and inspect gear oil - Replace gear oil - Check boat and fix any warranty issues

Congratulations on your purchase! Your new boat and motor should provide you with years of fun and enjoyment. To make sure your boat can do this, you need to make sure that you take care of it from the beginning. A lot of things happen when you run your motor in the beginning. Pistons wear the cylinders in and create metal shavings floating in your oil. Same thing happens in your lower unit. After the break in period, be sure to get all of this shavings out of the oil by doing a oil change. It also provides a opportunity to report any little warranty issues that you may be having with your boat and get them all taken care of.

This service can be done on the same day you drop your boat off. Just bring your boat by before 10:00 AM and let the ticket writer know that you want to pick it up that day. We will have you ready to pick up on your way home.