B & L Marine
110 Old Bastrop Rd
Monroe, LA

Service Description

$47.50 for parts and labor.

Inspect motor for damage - Crank and check - Report findings

Trying to decide how much something will cost to fix? Or maybe you need a quick insurance estimate? What we do on estimates is to simply look at a motor, possibly crank it and determine what we think the best course of action to repair the boat would be and what the price may be.

!!!! Please remember !!!!

Estimates are simply that. They are our best trained guess as to what is wrong with your motor. We do not take any part of the motor apart.

To know exactly what is wrong with your boat, request a REPAIR AND INSURANCE QUOTE. This may involve taking a motor apart to see exactly what is wrong so that we can be sure before we quote a price. This process takes time and is charged at the full $95.00 a hour.