Boat Launch/Haul-Out Service
B & L Marine
110 Old Bastrop Rd
Monroe, LA

Service Description

Variable - $95.00 per hour and per technician (will include travel time to the boat and back to the dealership)

travel to boat - load or tow boat to trailer - bring boat back to dealership - take boat to water - put boat in the water and moor boat to dock - travel back to dealership

Have a boat that just wont crank and is stuck in the water with no way to get it to us to repair? Maybe you just don't have the time to get the boat back in the water for the weekend. We have you covered.

We will travel to local lakes, rivers, and bayous to retrieve your boat or to put it back in the water for you. You must have access to a boat ramp. We do rent pontoon trailers for if you need one for $75.00 a day in travel. We do not charge trailer rental for days that the boat is at the dealership and is getting worked on.